Thank-you so much for checking out my services page. This is where you’ll find out about what fiction editing/writing feedback/sensitivity reading services I provide and what my rates are.


I provide sensitivity reading for the following subject matter:

·       Transgender characters

·       Class-related topics

I’m open to all genre of fiction, including young adult and adult fiction. I don’t do poetry. Sorry!

I will provide comments as I read, write a feedback document summarizing my thoughts, and where you have room to improve. If there are major concerns, I’ll address them in my letter.


I’m glad to provide any assistance writing an essay on any subject matter, or helping develop a short story idea further. I want to see you flourish and grow as a writer, and I definitely want to make sure that happens.

Email me your work and some details about what you want me to address (style/tone/voice/sensory information/descriptions) and we can work from there. I’m flexible.


I provide line-editing services exclusively for fiction. This will include going through a manuscript/short story line by line, and editing for consistency/prose style. If I see any major plot holes/inconsistencies, I will also address them.

If you are a marginalized writer, I’m happy to reduce any of my rates and find what works best for you. All payments are made through PayPal. Thank-you for reading!

Please e-mail if you are interested.