no mutants here (2016)

The industry of the “horror novel” is bred from unknown plot-twists, hidden ambitions, and terrifying secrets. The haunted house, a mythological minotaur labyrinth, is that physical place where the (unwilling) participants of the mystery must escape from. Combining the labyrinth and the haunted house, “no mutants here” invokes the anxiety of barely being on the edge, finding yourself, finding space.

no mutants here is a short zine about anxiety, interactive fiction, and b-movie horror tropes. Developed in Twine.

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For Whom The Hog Rolls.png

For whom the hog rolls (2017)

Have you ever wondered—WHO is the man with the master plan?

The Eggman. Better known as Dr. Robotnik. Thanks to the work of a mischievous rogue, you have gained access to this generation’s most brilliant mind.

For Whom the Hog Rolls was conceived as an exploratory character study of Dr. Robotnik and his relationship to a certain two-tailed fox. This short twine fiction includes multiple inbox and outbox messages to explore and a password to discover for an “eggcellent” experience! Developed in Twine.

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I Was Blue (2018)

A short exploratory game about gender dysphoria and dreams. Developed with Bitsy.

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I was Blue.png

KIGO (2019-?)

Artwork by  Adrian S.

Artwork by Adrian S.

Visual novel about an agricultural space colony. I lead script writing for MechaPaws (indie game dev studio) and direct graphical assets with a small team. Project is currently on hiatus, but the first episode is finished (approximately ~10,000 words) in screen-play format.