Blake is a fiction writer with experience in multi-media projects, online and print zine publishing, and freelance editorial. He's interested in work that festers in eccentric simulacra, artifacts of the digital afterlife, experimental structures, and the surreal.

Currently, he's working on a short fiction manuscript. He has collaborated with artists like dev and Garrett Young on other projects. His zine "Kitty Angel Mindfreak" is forthcoming from swallow::tale press.

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Open by Riot Laughter Workshop, Winter Tangerine (2019)

2020 Sundress Academy for the Arts/Lambda Literary residency fellowship (2020)

CRIT #quarantine edition (2020)

Wigleaf Top 50 Very Short Stories of 2020

Editing & Misc.

Fiction reading for ANMLY and Nat. Brut

I’m available for freelance work for creative projects/collaboration. Get in touch if you’re interested. If you want my proper CV, also email me.

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